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SpankingDuck Lamp

SpankingDuck Lamp

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The coolest, quirkiest, and downright funniest lamp you'll ever see

It's time for giggles, warmth and endless joy - this little ducky is about to light up your life in the most playful way imaginable.

💡 Three lighting modes: low, medium, and high – ensure your space is always bathed in the perfect glow, whether it's a cozy night in or a playful daytime adventure.

🤳 Phone Holder Extraordinaire: Need a duckie companion for your phone? This lamp's got you covered! With both horizontal and vertical phone-holding capabilities, your duck is ready to be your gadget's best friend.

⏱️ Timer Mode: Set the timer for 30 minutes, and let our quacky friend lull you to sleep with its gentle glow. No worries about leaving it on – it'll tuck itself in after ensuring you've drifted off into dreamland.

🕊 Wireless Wonder: Embrace the freedom! This lamp is wireless and rechargeable, so you can take your squishy duck anywhere and everywhere without being tethered down.

Our squishy duck lamp isn't just a light – it's a laughter-inducing, mood-enhancing, butt-spanking extravaganza for both kids and adults.

👋 Spank its fluffy behind to set the mood just right!

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Why Choose To Spank The Duck?

  • 'Cause It's Fun & Reselient

    Crafted from baby-safe silicone, it's drop & water-resistant.

  • So You Can Embrace The Freedom

    It's wireless, so you can take your squishy gadget anywhere.

  • It's Your Best Gift Yet

    The Squishy Duck Lamp is the ultimate gift for friends, kids, or yourself. Ideal for any occasion, it's the quackiest present you'll ever give!

  • It's Just So Darn Satisfying

    It's squeezable, lovable, and as squishy as it gets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for children?

Absolutely! The lamp is made from high-quality, food-grade, and BPA-free soft silicone, ensuring it's safe for children of all ages. Its drop-resistant and water-resistant features make it the ideal companion for playful little ones.

How do I change the lighting modes?

Changing lighting modes is as easy as giving our squishy duck a gentle spank on its soft behind. One spank for low light, two for medium, and three for high brightness.

Can I use it as a night light?

Indeed! The lamp is designed to provide a soft, warm glow, making it a perfect night-light companion. Adjust the brightness with a simple tap, creating a cozy atmosphere for bedtime.

How does the timer function work?

Set the timer for 30 minutes, and let the Squishy Duck Lamp accompany you into dreamland. It will automatically turn off after the set time, ensuring you have a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about leaving it on.

How do I clean the lamp?

Cleaning is a breeze! Wipe the surface with a damp cloth or use a mild soap solution.

Remember to turn off and unplug the lamp before cleaning, and avoid submerging it in water.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! We offer a free of charge, no question asked replacement in case something happens with your package.